Pomeranian BREEDING

To us, the main criterion is selective, and strictly studied reproduction with a heavy sense of responsibility, sensitivity, and respect for the breed, and its history. Our main priority is the health of our dogs, whether physical or mental.

If we had to express ourselves in a few words, it would be love, passion, morals, and responsibility. These would be the keywords in the successes and course of our kennel from its beginnings to this day.

Pomeranian PUPPIES

We choose the future puppy owners carefully. If you are interested to get a puppy from our kennel, please sign up for our puppy waiting list through our contact form.

Our puppies are ready to go to new homes at the age of 4 months after they’ve had all the vaccinations done. Our little ones at the age of leaving already know how to go to the toilet in the diaper, they have been socialized and learned to behave properly in the house.

Pomeranian NEWS

Get in touch WITH US

For any inquiries or questions get in touch with us! We are friendly and love to communicate!
Use our contact details and we will respond to you quickly!

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